“First thing I must say is Randi Lynch is a consummate professional.  I came here wanting a vacation home but not sure at all on how to go about it.  Randi, step by step guided me through everything.  She is friendly, helpful and above all great at what she does.  Without her I wouldn't have my dream home.  I would recommend her highly to anyone seeking a home on beautiful Gabriola Island.”- Nancy Giffiths

"We were fortunate to meet, Tina, Jenifer & Randi when we purchased a second home on Gabriola in 2005.  They were extremely friendly and professional in regards to all aspects of the purchase and all the phone calls & correspondence were dealt with promptly and efficiently.  Once settled, they took great pains to introduce us to our immediate neighbors.  When it came time to list the property for sale, the excellent website attracted the eventual buyer, once again all proceeded smoothly & again was handled in a most professional manner.  To all potential clients looking to buy or sell on Gabriola, we can't say enough about the Lynch girls and their grasp of the property market on the island.  We miss them dearly, and always keep in touch.  They are the best!"- Allen & Isboel Oliver

"The Lynch family exceeded all of our expectations. They were helpful at every stage of our purchase - before, during and even afterwards. Their local knowledge, their enthusiasm and their professionalism made the process of moving to Gabriola not only straightforward and easy, it made it fun!"  - Gretchen Markle & Lawrence Lauzon

"We met the Lynch real estate family when we purchased our first home on Gabriola. We were just lucky, they are the people who truly know the island. Randi, Tina and Jennifer are not only knowledgeable professionals they offer the added bonus of being friendly, fun and helpful. Their warmth helped convince us that island living was the right way to go.  Needless to say when we decided to buy a second time on the island we knew who to call to find us the right home at the right price. "- Larry & Sara Gordon

"Bill and I can’t thank you for enough for helping make our dream come true! Every single detail was handled professionally  lovingly for us; we so appreciate you as a team and individually ! Tina, you always believed it was our house- thank you for showing it 7 times and to a cast of 1000’s! All our family and friends are thrilled. Opening the front door and walking in was surreal; Bill and I were just giddy. And then we spied the overflowing picnic basket and goodies in the fridge. Oh my- the kindness and generosity simply does not stop. We were both in tears by that point. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Much love, Madye & Bill."- Madye & Bill

“We interviewed and had previous experiences with other listing agents and felt very comfortable with what the Lynch Group had to offer. There was always someone available and familiar with our requirements. Questions and concerns were responded to in a timely manner. The regular market updates were very informative and factual. We would have no hesitation in recommending this team to represent our friends or potential clients. They did a great job for us and we were totally satisfied with our experience.”- Marilyn & Michael

"We chose the Lynch Group because whenever we went into the office, there was always a Lynch working. They did a wonderful marketing job on our property and our house sold in less than a month. We had researched the market before deciding to list and the price the Lynch Group suggested was definitely what we had ascertained to be a fair price. Even after our house had sold, they were extremely helpful when it came to the purchase of a new home, even though they were not representing us on our new property. This was simply because our sale was of Gabriola property and we were buying in Nanaimo. There was no problem having documents for the new home faxed or emailed to the Gabriola office and Jennifer or Tina would always take the time to go through the documents with us before we signed. Not only that, but they are a fun group to work with, which is a good thing when one is going through the stress of buying, selling and moving. We would not hesitate to recommend the Lynch Group to anyone who is considering buying on Gabriola. They are all extremely knowledgeable about the island."- The Shepherd’s

"About five years ago, my wife and I were seriously considering a move to Gabriola Island as we had visited friends there many times and truly enjoyed the life-style the island presented.  We stopped in at the  office (at Folklife Village) and were met by Randi Lynch.  Even though she was busy and we had no scheduled appointment she spent the better part of thirty minutes asking the right questions and providing the information we were seeking for some informed decisions. We scheduled some time with her for a couple of weeks later when we would be returning  and although she was unavailable at the time, both Jennifer and Tina were helpful in showing us a couple of properties we had indentified a degree of interest in.  However, these didn't (for various reasons) work out and we moved on. Fast forward to today.  We have returned to Canada after spending five years in Mexico and we once again were seriously considering a move to Gabriola Island.  Our first phone call was to the "Lynch Group" and of course they remembered us and welcomed us back to Canada and to the idea of "a new adventure".  They treated us like old friends. We scheduled a couple of days with "the group" and they helped us select a wonderful B&B where we stayed while we checked out a number of properties we had identified.  They knew what our criteria was (through a number of important questions) and were able to add to the growing list of places we were interested in viewing. During this two and a half day period, both Tina Lynch and Guy Parcher were very helpful with their remarks about the island itself, extremely knowledgable regarding each of the properties and overall, left us with the feeling of professionalism we were seeking as we trudged through the rain looking a a number of places.  We were given a "complete package" on each home (and property) along with information regarding outputs of the wells, any service issues for each and of course a real, and vast "working knowledge" of the island itself.  All members of the Lynch Group are long-time residents of Gabriola Island and this was, in part, one of the reasons we were so comfortable with them. We put an offer on a poroperty (we love) and the entire "team" worked hard to ensure that the legalities involved were as seamless as possible for us.  The possesion date was short and the venders were non residents of the island ... thus complicating things somewhat for most agents ... not the case with our realtors.  They provided everything we needed regarding inspections, professionals to do water testing, all reports, etc etc.   The Lynch Group left nothing out and nothing was too much to ask. When the day came to pick up the keys to our new home they were as excited as were we and gave us a nice "welcoming basket" of island goodies that were part of our first dinner by candle-light in our new Gabriola Island home. Would we recommend "The Lynch Group" to anyone considering a move to "our" island?  What do you think?  Randi, Jennifer, Tina and Guy (the four members of The Lynch Group) are the best real estate people we have ever dealt with ... period.  There is nothing they wouldn't have done for us to make our move to the island as easy as possible.  Once the "deal is done", many agents just become part of the background so to speak.  This is not the case with these professionals and we're so fortunate to have walked into the office and been introduced to "the agent on duty" that turned out to be Randi Lynch."- Michael & Carolyn Sams

"I was referred to the Lynch Group by a friend.  She told me they were the best real estate agents on Gabriola Island.  After working with them while both buying and selling my house I definitely agree that they are the best real estate agents on Gabriola Island. I was very pleased with the service I received from the group.  Whenever I emailed or called them they replied that same day. They listened when I told them what I was looking for and showed me houses that met my criteria.  There was never any pressure to make up my mind and I felt that they would have been happy to continue to show me houses until I found one that met my needs. When selling my house, they gave me lots of time to prepare for showings.  They also took the time to give me feedback, regarding comments made about the house, as it was being shown to prospective buyers.  They communicated effectively within their group so that, if I spoke to Randi, Tina, Jennifer or Guy, they were up to date on what was happening regarding my house sale. One of the biggest advantages of hiring the Lynch Group was that I didn't have just one real estate agent, I had four people working on my behalf to achieve the desired result whether it was the buying or selling of my house."- Lineke Rich

"The Lynch Group far exceeded our expectations, providing us with the best client service I have ever enjoyed. They are highly responsive, effective and  knowledgeable about Gabriola, the community and its properties, as well as the surrounding islands and mainland. They more then went that extra mile making it a pleasure to work with them."   M. & W. Smart- Best Client Service…