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Island Life - The lifestyle benefits of a small rural community, with the energy and amenities of city life just minutes away.

Nestled just off the coast of central Vancouver Island, access to Gabriola Island is a convenient 20-minute car ferry from Nanaimo, with 14 sailings a day, 365 days a year. For those in need of bigger city lights, Vancouver is a short 20-minute sea plane.

While close to the city lights, you wouldn't know it while you're here. A 45-minute drive around the island will take you past rolling farmland, through dense West Coast temperate rainforest, and along dramatic shorelines and beaches that beacon the explorer in you. Deer watch you pass with mild curiosity, while circling bald eagles ride the ocean breezes above.

However the true bliss of living on an island is not having to leave! And rarely do you need to with these kinds of on island amenities:

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Village Food Market

14.575 North Road
Island Pharmacy

13.575 North Road
Wooden Hanger
11.575 North Road
The Old Crow Cafe

575 North Road
Village Liqour Store

4.575 North Road
Gabriola Island Library

5.575 North Road

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